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One of C.J. Mahaney’s most recommended talks is based on 1 Corinthians 1:4-9. He entitles it, Leadership and the Adventure of Grace. He challenges my perspective about some of those I have the opportunity to influence. In my own pride, I often complain to God about some people I lead using Moses’ description of a “stiff-necked and stubborn people.” Mahaney uses Paul’s attitude toward the Corinthians (certainly a stiff-necked and stubborn church) and suggests that we’ll lead better if we:

– look at people from a divine perspective and see that they have been called by God.

– recognize God’s prior work in their life before we focus on what still needs to be changed or corrected in their life.

— recognized the grace of God at work in this person’s journey and look for signs of grace before we look for areas that need correction.

– express thanks to God for what he is doing in people’s lives and communicate that gratitude to them.

– recognize the Christian life is described as ‘walking’ so I need to not get frustrated when people are not running.

– allow ourselves to rejoice when a person is sometimes just facing in the right direction.